Wk 5: Write a short review of the Mansfield story that appealed to you most.

‘The daughters of the great colonel’ is a short story based on two sisters (Constantia and Josephine)  who have recently lost their father, the late Colonel. What appealed to me the most about this narrative is the idea that two girls have somehow  gained alot after losing something significant in their lives.  After the loss of their father, Josephine and Constantia are both left unguided, scared but eventually have a realization that they have discovered something wonderful. Ironcially, the death of their father open doors of freedom for them, which, they have never before entered because of their restricted lives. For example, in the beginning of the story, Constantia and Josephine are so used to being controlled by their father that they completely forget that he has passed, -“But,” cried Josephine, flouncing on her pillow and staring across the dark at Constantia, “father’s head!” And suddenly, for one awful moment, she nearly giggled”. That shows how indecisive they actually are without their father to make decisions. The Late Colonel, himself, must have been a firm, controlling man. Even though he isn’t alive, the sense of who he was can be felt throughout the whole story. The story is mounted when the girls finally realise that they are left on their own, “the rest had been looking after father, and at the same time keeping out of father’s way. But now? but now?”- The use of rhetorical questions really justifies how confused Josephine is, almost as if she does not know or understand what she’s meant to do now, she realizes that this is it, this is her life now- “The thieving sun touched Josephine gently. She lifted her face. She was drawn over to the window by gentle beams …” The symbol of the sun depicts the idea of freedom, joy  and hope. It symbolizes life beaming right on Josephine, the end of dull/dark life that was constantly controlled… has come to an end. Both, Constantia and Josephine begin to feel cheerful, knowing that it wrong but somehow they can’t seem to control their joy, partly because they now have a sense of freedom-  “Josephine was silent for a moment. She stared at a big cloud where the sun had been. Then she replied shortly, “I’ve forgotten too.”


6 thoughts on “Wk 5: Write a short review of the Mansfield story that appealed to you most.

  1. Hello Shagufta 🙂
    First of all well gone of your response for this week; as a whole I believe you have answered the question well. Through the use of quotes to highlight the story and central elements which embody it, it is clear that you have a clear understanding of what the text is trying to portray and express to the audience. Through reading your response I have gained a further understand of the text and its central concepts.
    Well done again Shags 🙂

  2. Hi Shagufta!

    What an extensive analysis and review you have written here! As I read through your review, I found your writing was extremely united and well pieced together as I could understand clearly exactly what you were trying to express.

    In particular, I found the inclusion of your personal opinion and thoughts on Mansfield’s short story well integrated with your explanation of the story line. What I found most interesting and helpful was your skill in identifying Mansfield’s literary techniques and explaining their use to the story as a whole.

    The only thing I would suggest to you is to perhaps review the layout of this post, as the lack of paragraphs make it a little difficult to follow on. However overall, I found this most helpful to me in understanding Mansfield’s writing so thank you!

    Well done. I look forward to reading through the rest of your blogs!

  3. Hey Shagufta,

    I have very similar opinions just like you about the same short story! I had really enjoyed this short story it is personally one of my favourite from the 20th century. The image you have used also adds great depths to your personal opinions and it also is great enforcement about your valued opinion.

    However the only thing I would fix is the layout of this blog. Separating your work into paragraphs makes it easier for the reader to follow through.
    Good Job.

  4. Hey Shagufta,
    I liked this story too! I could relate, having sisters myself. I agree with the others too however, separating your work into paragraphs makes it seem a little less long winded. It would help shape your arguments better. Although I do like how you’ve identified techniques to explain and support your arguments, it shows how much thought you gave towards the story and the extent of your understanding of the subject.

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